Email marketing, made easy

Whatever the size of your business, and whatever product or service you’re offering, your success lies in your ability to connect with new customers and build relationships with existing ones.

Email marketing is the perfect way to do both. It’s targeted, it’s cost effective and it shows you exactly who is opening and responding to your mailings – and who isn’t.

Email marketing, made easy by Ai eShots

Tailored, targeted mailings

The more targeted your mailings are, the more likely they are to get results. Ai eShots is designed to be tailored in a range of ways. All email campaigns can easily be personalised with the recipients’ names or any other details you have – either in the subject line of the body of the email.

By using segments you can tailor your campaigns even further. So you might send only to people who opened your last three campaigns, live in a certain country, might be interested in a particular subject or service, or who’ve purchased a certain product.

We can also create bespoke facilities that utilise Ai eShots, such as adding an instant online customer feedback facility, sending personalised welcome packs and promoting other items based on a customer’s purchases and many more.

Optimised for even better results

Our bespoke, branded eShots are responsive, just like our websites – so everything is laid out in the most attractive, user-friendly way, whether people are viewing it on a tablet, laptop or phone. We’ll also optimise emails in a range of ways to make sure they work as effectively as possible. This means:

  • Changing the order of information or articles depending on what’s most relevant to each customer or prospect.
  • Designing the email to load quickly.
  • Testing in a wide range of email clients to make sure it displays correctly in each (see below).
  • Getting the right balance of words to images, helping avoid emails being labeled as spam.

Mobile optimised reporting

Compatible with all major email clients

We’ll test your email in a wide range of email clients including Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail and Thunderbird, as well as web- and mobile-based email clients including iOS mail, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Online.

Better delivery rates with email authentication

We use a full range of email authentication methods to make sure your emails have the best chance of reaching your customers’ inboxes. Why is this necessary? To crack down on forged or scam emails, internet service providers (ISPs) now run authentication checks to verify each sender’s identity. Emails that fail checks are blocked or put through extra filters, potentially failing to reach their recipient’s inbox.

Our authentication technology drastically reduces this from happening, giving ISPs a record of identification to prove you’re a legitimate source and get your eShot through the spam filters.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Through the Ai eShots control panels you can access powerful real-time reports on every aspect of your campaign: opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and much much more. It shows you:

  • Who opened, who clicked, how many times and when

    Get a real-time list of which subscribers have opened your email, clicked on links and forwarded it on. See which links are working and spot trend by comparing multiple campaigns side by side.

  • Where in the world campaigns were delivered and opened

    View a full-screen, real-time world map of your subscribers and see their opens, clicks and shares right as they happen.

  • Who unsubscribed and who bounced

    We’ll automatically remove invalid addresses and people who’ve unsubscribed, creating a separate list so you can easily view and manage this information.

  • Sales, conversion rates and ROI

    Built-in integration with Google Analytics lets you see just how effective your campaign has been in terms of sales and return on investment.

  • Even more analytics when you export to Excel

    Just select the fields you want and export straight to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

  • Which email clients your subscribers are using

    Once we know this, we can make sure your emails display beautifully for every one of your subscribers.

Mailing list management, made simple

To send targeted campaigns, Ai eShots lets you group your suppliers into as many smaller lists or segments as you need, allowing you to send to customers based on factors such as their location or how often they use your products or services. Importing contact lists is easy, not matter how many people your importing and whether you’re working from a spreadsheet or manually. Plus the system automatically handles new sign-ups, unsubscribes, bounces and spam complaints without you having to lift a finger.

Integrate with your website for more sign-ups

Simply add a mailing list subscription box to your website to capture more customer data and reach out to people who want to hear from you. We can also automatically add customers who shop with you online to your mailing list. Plus we can build more bespoke facilities like online customer feedback forms, or segment-specific signup forms and landing pages to really reach out to new customers.

We’ve found that one way to attract new subscribers is by showing them the kind of content they can expect to receive from you by setting up an archive of previous newsletters on your website. With our help this couldn’t be easier. And the system will automatically add new content to the archive very time you send out a campaign.

Smart hands-free features

Easy to create auto response emails

Triggered mailings

Ai eShots works hard behind the scenes to help you stay in touch with subscribers.

The handy autoresponder function automatically sends eShots to subscribers when triggered by certain events. With a bit of imagination, there are loads of ways to use it:

  • to welcome new subscribers and guide them around your product or service offering;
  • to remind someone when they need to renew their membership or subscription;
  • to send a birthday message or offer;
  • to entice back subscribers who’ve not purchased for a length of time;
  • or to request feedback when someone’s ordered from you or been using your service.

Auto update emails

The smart RSS-to-email feature lets you mail subscribers whenever you update your site, news or blog. It automatically converts new posts into email content, so all you need to do is choose how often the emails go out. If there are no new updates, nothing will be sent – so you don’t need to worry about pestering your subscribers with old news.

Auto mailing list updates

Ai eShots automatically updates lists when a user unsubscribes, an email address bounces or if someone makes a spam complaint.

It means your data is constantly up to date and you’ll never pay to send emails to people who can’t or don’t want to receive them.

Even More Features

Complete Control

Nothing goes out unless you say so. So every time an eShot is about to go out – even if it’s been triggered automatically – you can see a preview to check and sign off.

So when you really, really want to get a campaign just right, you can tweak it as many times as you like, with no additional charges.

Schedule Campaigns

You might find that subscribers respond to emails better at certain times of the month, week or day.

That’s why you can choose exactly when you want mailings to go out, even if your subscribers are in a different time zone. It works the same for triggered and RSS-to-email campaigns too.

Get Social

Ai eShots makes it easy for your subscribers to share your content via Facebook and Twitter – and then shows you who’s liked or tweeted your campaigns and even what they’re saying.

The in-depth reports combine social shares with everyone who forwarded your email on, so you can see the true reach of your campaign all in one place. You can also let people subscribe straight from your company Facebook page.

Export to Excel

Want to save data offline, or use it for further analysis? Just select the fields you want and export any list in your account straight to Excel.

You can export subscribers’ lists, including bounced and unsubscribed users, all forms of the reporting data and much more, giving you complete control.

Multi-user accounts

You can give different members of your team unique login access to the system and control exactly what they can and can’t manage.

So one person might be able to create campaigns but not send them, and someone else might only have access to reports. And if anyone forgets their password they can reset it instantly online.

Ongoing package updates

We’re constantly reviewing our Ai eShots package and looking for ways to improve the system, and make your life easier with more intuitive and advanced reporting.

So whenever we make an update, you’ll benefit too.

Do it Yourself - Self Managed Ai eShots

Take control yourself with easy CMS tools

Create and design your own campaigns

If you’d like to reduce marketing costs further, you can create and send out your own email campaigns using our content-managed version of Ai eShots. It’s easy to use and we’ll be happy to help if you need a little extra support. It gives you:

  • All the standard Ai eShot features
  • An elegant editor to easily control the appearance of the content you add
  • Use of templates we’ve built for you, or even design your own
  • Multiple user accounts with the ability to select who can access and control campaigns and data

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