Website Support & Maintenance

So, your website is live and it looks great. That’s fantastic – but it’s only the beginning. Because the internet changes so quickly, and people are always looking for something new, it’s best to think of your site as a work in progress. After all, it acts as an online shop window for your business – and walking past the same window every day can quickly turn dull.

Here are a few reasons why ongoing maintenance is essential:

  • It gives people a reason to come back

    Fresh content – whether it’s new pages, blog posts, case studies, infographics, special offers, downloads or videos – it gives people a reason to revisit your site again and again.

  • It helps boost search rankings

    Updating your website doesn’t just keep your visitors happy; it keeps the search engines happy too. Having current, relevant content is one easy way to help your website stay high in the rankings.

  • Keep backend systems up to date and secure

    Keeping any CMS facility up to date is essential. We can ensure your platform contains the latest features, bug fixes and security patches to protect your website investment.

  • It keeps the site looking fresh

    It’s not just the written content that needs to be updated. Small design changes and additions help your site look current and support new products, services and offers.

  • It gives you a platform to promote products and offers

    Got a seasonal offer, or a product or service you really want to promote? You could change the messaging or add an extra graphic to your homepage so it’s one of the first things visitors see.

  • It helps your site keep up with the rest of the web

    The way we use the web changes all the time – for example, in recent years, more and more sites have adopted a responsive format to cater for the surge in smartphone and tablet users, or added buttons to let users access social media pages. As the web evolves and platforms are updated, maintenance ensures your site runs smoothly and exploits every new opportunity.

Why pay for maintenance?

Of course, you may have the resources in house to look after routine maintenance. But many small and medium sized companies don’t have the necessary skills and, perhaps more importantly, the time. It’s a fiddly job that can get in the way of your core business activities.

We’re here to take away that hassle. We don’t believe our job or our relationship with you ends when your site goes live – rather, it’s just the beginning. Whether your site needs infrequent and adhoc maintenance or more regular updates, our package gives you access reliable to a reliable team working within a guaranteed timeframe.

We value long-term relationships and always prioritise our maintenance clients, so changes are typically made straight away. Where possible and depending on the complexity of the update we aim to get it done within 24 hours, but typically 8 hours.

We create tailor-made packages to get the right amount of support for your requirements, so our packages can save you money as well as time.