We can help you with well targeted, well timed and well executed email campaigns that people actually want to read, boosting open and click-through rates and generating more business. We’ll also help you get the frequency of messages right, so that people have enough contact to keep them interested but not so much that you’re forever clogging their inboxes.

Grommets eShot example

Looks great, works great

We build emails in HTML as it works a lot harder than plain text, giving a lot more control over design and allowing users to seamlessly click through to your site. But as a few email accounts aren’t compatible, we’ll also send a plain-text version of the email for every single campaign, allowing you to reach 100% of your mailing list.

We design our emails to be responsive, just like our websites – which means anyone opening your message will see it laid out in the most attractive, user-friendly way, whether they’re using a tablet, laptop or phone. Statistics show that people are increasingly using mobile devices to check and view email. In fact, for business-to-business campaigns around 40-50% of emails are opened on mobile device, and it can be a lot higher when marketing to consumers. So we think it’s really important to consider this group of users when formulating your campaign.

Making the most of signatures

Thinking about the emails you send every day, there’s a further opportunity to market your business in the form of email signatures. It’s likely you already include some kind of signature – perhaps your contact details. But could that small space be working harder for you? It’s a subtle and unintrusive way to tell people more about your products, services or offers. And we can help you make the most of it, with a signature that’s concise, eye catching and on brand. We can also help with disclaimers if you’re concerned about sensitive contents.

Let's discuss your requirements…

As a Milton Keynes based email marketing company we strive to offer a personal service! We're a friendly company, so please give us a call us on 01908 668 665 or email us at creative@amasci.co.uk. We will always be happy to answer your questions and explain what we do or how we work.