SEO & PPC Management

There are two ways to rise up the search engine results pages and help potential customers find you – paid search, known as PPC or pay per click, and organic search, often referred to as SEO or search engine optimisation. Many companies use a combination of both.

With PPC, your website occupies one of the ‘sponsored links’ areas on the search engine results page, and you pay a fee every time someone clicks through to your site. It’s great if you need to increase traffic quickly, but costs can mount up.

SEO is all about optimising your website so that Google ranks it higher for relevant keywords and phrases. You don’t purchase your search ranking, instead using good content, correct indexing and clever link building to reach the top.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns

Google AdWords for small businesses.
When you’re a small or start-up business, you need to get maximum exposure online for the best possible price. PPC is a great way to help new customers find you, and we can help you make the most of your marketing budget using Google’s own PPC product, Google AdWords.

Our PPC package lets you increase traffic quickly and reach potential customers who are already searching for your keywords and phrases. By putting your company right in front of the people who are actively searching for your products and services, you have a higher chance of converting them to a customer. A well-managed Google AdWords campaign can pay for itself in no time at all. Each month you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive reports

    We know you need to know where your money’s going and how your ads are performing. Our monthly reports tell you which keywords are working well, how may clicks each advert receives (known as click throughs), and the number of times each advert has appeared on a search engine results page (known as impressions).

  • Keyword performance

    Search engine marketing is an ongoing process of testing and improving. We continually monitor your keywords and add new ones to the list to make sure your budget’s working as hard as it can. Any keywords that aren’t performing well are dropped in favour of those that are.

  • Budget recommendations

    We can help you set a realistic budget to achieve your goals, as well as advise on how your spend should vary throughout the day, week, month and year depending on the keywords you choose and the audience you’re targeting.

  • No minimum spend

    Lots of web marketing companies insist on a minimum spend on Google AdWords. Our offer is different – we’re here to help smaller and start-up businesses establish themselves online and gain a greater understanding of the marketplace before you make a major investment.

  • No contract

    We won’t tie you into a contract because we know regular outgoings can be problematic when you’re a small business. In our experience PPC will pay for itself as your sales increase. But if you do need to halt the campaign for one month and start up again the next, that’s absolutely fine.

  • Need more support?

    Of course, that’s just for starters. If you’ve outgrown our small business package just talk to us – we can work out a bespoke package to suit your needs and gets you the traffic you want.

The art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Working your way up the organic rankings.
While PPC has lots of advantages, you can’t afford to ignore SEO. In some users’ eyes, organic results carry an integrity that paid-for listings lack. In fact, approximately 80% of people using Google would choose to click on an organic result rather than a sponsored ad.

SEO takes time, effort and expertise but, done right, can be a really cost-effective way of building traffic and gaining credibility. Our services include:

  • SEO copywriting

    Google ranks sites by looking at the words used on your website and where they appear. So we’ll identify the words your customers will be searching for, and use them in the right places. Google also looks at which sites are linking to yours as a measure of how good your content is, so it’s important that your content is engaging, original and easy to read.

  • SEO auditing

    Here, we’ll review both your site’s performance and the keywords customers are using to find you. We’ll identify any technical or content issues that might be keeping you away from the top rankings and advise you on how to drive more traffic to your site and increase visibility in Google.

  • Keyword research

    Our research will tell you the keywords people are searching for most often in your industry, showing you what customers want and where the market is heading. Once we know the best words to use, we can put them in the right places for Google to pick up.

  • On-page optimisation

    Here you give us access to your content management system, and we optimise the content for you. We’ll review the whole site, page by page, then tweak and modify the content to make it more visible to search engines. This will include:

    • Carrying out keyword research to determine the search terms your prospective customers are using to find your type of products or services.
    • Optimising meta title and description tags to help Google understand what each page is about.
    • Analysing content and optimising it for you or giving our recommendations.
    • Deciding which pages should – and shouldn’t be indexed by Google. This is because pages with minimal content, or generic information like terms and conditions, could be seen as ‘low quality’ and could prevent the site ranking more highly.
    • Checking and suggesting improvements to load speeds.
    • Checking for and removing errors.
  • Google Analytics training

    If you’d like to learn the basics of SEO yourself, we can help. Google Analytics is one of the best and most widely used and tools, providing valuable statistics and insights into how people find and use your site. We’ll help you use its many features to see what’s working well for you and where you can improve.

  • Content-driven SEO

    Google rewards sites with fresh, unique and high-quality content – so much so that companies who run a blog receive 97% more inbound links (Source: Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report, 2010). We can help you boost organic search rankings with fresh, keyword-rich articles that offer engaging content and encourage people to link to your site.