UK Domains - Getting you straight to the point

So what are they?

.UK Domains are a new Top Level Domain (TLDs) extension. The new .UK domains were launched on 10th June 2014 and are exciting opportunity for you to explore.

Why might you want to register yours?

These .UK domains are set to become the new format for UK based websites and they bring with them new opportunities that your business can benefit from.

  • They are short and sharp – a simpler address that puts more of an emphasis on your website name and is easier and quicker for people to access.
  • They provide a clear indication of where your company is located – showing that your business is located in the UK can be beneficial, naturally if your customers are UK based, but also many people across the world actually prefer to deal with UK based company when searching and buying online.
  • .UK extension domains can also be beneficial from an SEO perspective as Google will be aware you are a UK based company and as a result will positively impact your ranking for UK based results.
  • They also have global benefits – these .UK domains bring the Country in line to join with the rest of the world by following a similar format to other countries’ registries (for example .fr is the French domain and .de is the domain used in Germany).
  • Protecting the online identity of your business is also important when it comes to competitors – ensuring that you own the rights to the .UK domain of your company prevents an ‘outsider’ from registering the domain and potentially stealing your customers and online traffic.
  • The .UK domains also ensure that people are redirected to your site if there are typos or if the .co part of your web address is left out, making them a good fallback.

Interested?…How do you get them?

For the majority of existing uk domain extensions (,,,,, ) the registered owner will have first refusal on the domain. Meaning you automatically have the rights to register your .UK domain in the first instance, so for example if you owned you would have first refusal to register

Nominet have launched a new website which takes explains a little more detail over the new .UK domains.

Get Your .UK Domain Now

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