Security patch required for some website/blog CMS facilities

It has come to light that there is a security patch required for some versions of our CMS facility. We have been informed there is some sort of automated script is looking for the vulnerability and attempting to exploit it. It is important that we update your website and patch this vulnerable file.

For our customers that are on a regular retainer this patch and fix has been applied as part of the standard service. However, we have individually contacted any customers that this might affect, who are not on a regular support contract. There will be a small fee to cover the work required to fix this issue.

We thoroughly recommend you allow us to action this on your behalf.

To give you peace of mind this is the first security issue we’ve seen with the CMS in six-and-a-half years, we appreciate that it will is unexpected, but we hope that you take our advice and let us patch the vulnerable file. If you want us to proceed then please reply and we will action this immediately.

As always, any questions you might have please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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