Amasci accepted into The Web Guild

Amasci Creative is pleased to announce that we have been accepted into The Web Guild. The Web Guild was set up to provide customers with a ‘better code of conduct’ and to find ‘good code, epic developers and companies you can trust.’ Well it’s no wonder we were given the Seal then!

We had to prove that we are experienced, knowledgeable, customer service orientated and that we are highly skilled in our coding and design. Amasci has pledged to adhere to the Guild’s Code of Conduct, ensuring that new clients are secure in the knowledge that we will always provide the best level of service, honesty and transparency. Basically it’s what our existing clients already rely on.

The Web Guild Logo

All accredited members of the Web Guild should display the ‘seal’ badge. So when choosing an agency look out for this as it ensures they are trustworthy, skilled and professional.

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