Ai eShot Package Updates

If you are the owner of an Ai eShots package, then you should have received an eShot regarding these updates. However, we have added this online too. We are taking this opportunity to inform you of some fantastic new features and changes we have and intend to introduce within our Ai eShots package.

Our Ai eShots package has been an effective and popular solution for just over two years now, and during that time it has seen a lot of improvements and new features/facilities. Since we started our Ai eShots package we have managed to maintain a cap on prices. However, as the solution has become much more advanced and feature-rich, we have now had to review our pricing structure.

Monthly Rental Fee

Due to the improvements of the system and our added workload in maintaining this we are going to introduce a new monthly rental fee. This will ensure you have complete access to the vast amount of reporting facilities and management solutions within the package. This new monthly fee will be £35.00* and will be introduced from 1st July 2010.

*subject to VAT Please be advised that from the 1st July 2010 we will issue invoices for the monthly rental for each Ai eShot account and that should you wish to close your account you will need to notify us in advance of this date to avoid being charged.

Campaign Fees

The other change to the pricing structure is being implemented in order to bring everyone onto a standard rate. At the moment we have various clients on different rates, so we want to standardise this. For some clients this will see a reduction in their campaign fees, for others unfortunately it will see a small increase. The new sending costs will be £5.00 per campaign and £0.01 per recipient address.

We hope that you can appreciate the reasons for these revisions to our pricing structures. We continue to offer a great solution/service at a very competitive price.

Please note these campaign fee increases will not affect our Ai eShot maintenance customers who use credits. This increase will also take effect from 1st June 2010.

New Feature - Email Overlay Reports

New Feature - Email Overlay Reports

The new email overlay reports gives you more insight into what subscribers are clicking on within your eShots. Previously you were able to determine which links were most popular based on the number of times it had been clicked. However, if you had three, four or more instances of the same link then you would be none the wiser as to which version had actually driven most traffic.

Well, now the new overlay view displays the number of clicks that each of the links in your eShot has received.

Using the new report it is easy to see exactly which links in your newsletter received the lion’s share of clicks. Not only does it display the percentage of unique clicks that were driven from that link, but what that percentage equals in terms of unique clicks.

This report is available in your account now, even for campaigns you’ve sent in the past.

Updated Feature - Subscriber Lists up to 20 Custom Fields

Updated Feature - Subscriber Lists up to 20 Custom Fields

Your subscriber lists now have up to 20 custom fields available per list, in addition to name and email. That’s right, we’ve doubled the maximum number of custom fields available to you!

With 20 custom fields (in addition to name and email), there’s lots of room to do some clever segmentation with your subscriber lists. With all those fields you can send really targeted campaigns and personalise your eShots in wonderful ways offering much more opportunity on ROI.

New Feature – Ai eShots on Your Mobile

New Feature – Ai eShots on Your Mobile

A fantastic new feature that we have introduced is the mobile optimised version of our Ai eShots package. It gives you quick and instant access to great looking reports on any campaigns you’ve sent. It’s fast, looks great and is available now.

Here’s a quick preview of how it looks on an iPhone.

Ai eShots on iPhone

Simply login to your account on any popular mobile device like an iPhone or Android and the mobile version will be shown by default. You don’t need to install anything because it is a web application. You can even bookmark it for easy access in the future and check your account whenever, wherever!

One great thing about the iPhone is that you can launch web applications just like a traditional app. By logging into your account and adding it to your Home screen, you have a dedicated button that will load your latest reports with a single click. We even provide a nice icon and loading screen for you while the latest stats are downloading.

Bookmarking Ai eShots

Updated Feature – Firefox added to webmail testing

Updated Feature – Firefox added to webmail testing

Previously, all webmail test screenshots were taken within Internet Explorer, which wasn’t ideal when testing for issues. So now the design and spam tests offer webmail screenshots within Firefox as well as IE. If you’re keen to see how multiple browsers display your campaigns we have covered 6 of the most popular webmail clients; Gmail, Gmail (older versions), Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Mobile Me.

Updated Feature – Better Email Campaign Editor

Updated Feature – Better Email Campaign Editor

We have updated our WYSIWYG email template editor and added new menu items and formatting tools so you can take greater control when editing your email campaigns.

We’ve made it much easier to personalise your eShot campaigns with regular content tags such as ‘First name’ and ‘Email’. But with this update, you can now also add custom fields from your subscriber lists and lots of variations of today’s date. This should be useful if you’re planning to personalise your email with nice details such as the subscriber’s location or interests.

It is also now easier to add quick links such as ‘Forward to a Friend’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ via the editor; these are available via a drop-down menu. In addition, we’ve given you more control over colours and formatting via the toolbar as well.

New Feature – A/B Testing

New Feature – A/B Testing

This feature has been implemented for a while but we wanted to highlight it again as we feel it could be very useful. You can now easily setup and send an A/B campaign just as easily as sending a regular one.

You can test different subject lines or sender details in a matter of seconds. If you have the time to create a simple design variation for your campaigns, this is also easy to test.

The best part of this feature is that you will learn something from every single test you run and get a much better appreciation of how your subscribers interact with your campaigns.

Feedback, Always Welcome!

We always love to hear your feedback, whether it is positive or negative . So if you have something on your mind, want to alert us to something or have an idea for a new feature then please get in touch.

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