Amasci Creative Launch Ai AdWords

A Google AdWords Package for Smaller Businesses.

It is crucial for all companies, small and large, to ensure their brands are visible on the internet, but many Pay Per Click or Google AdWords management solutions are priced too high for smaller or start-up companies. Well, with the launch of Amasci’s Ai adWords, that is no longer true! If you’re marketing budget is limited, Amasci can help your website get the exposure it needs to succeed despite the current economic situation. Every penny counts and Amasci will work hard to make sure your money works hard for you.

Ai adWords

Google AdWords is Google’s Pay Per Click tool for sponsored listings. An effectively managed campaign will reach a targeted audience of visitors who are searching for your keyphrases. This means they are already more likely to convert to a customer than the average site visitor. Traffic can be increased quickly with campaigns set up for you in no time, and once visitors start converting, a well-managed Google AdWords campaign can rapidly pay for itself.

Amasci’s Ai adWords package has a variety of features to ensure you are kept up-to-date with your campaign’s progress. Reports are produced monthly showing you the number of clicks each advert receives, the number of times it has appeared on a search engine results page and the performance of your chosen keywords. In between reports, Amasci will continually monitor your list of keywords, and adjust the list to keep the campaign performing as well as possible. If you are unsure what budget to set, with our knowledge and experience, we can recommend a budget that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Ai adWords

Amasci understand that smaller businesses and start-ups need a greater flexibility with contracts and budgets, as you never know what’s around the next corner. To make things as simple as possible, we don’t tie you in with a contract, and we don’t insist you spend a minimum amount on Google AdWords.

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