Amasci Creative Launch Blog!

Well, we are pleased to announce the release of the Amasci Creative Blog. We have launched our blog for several reasons, amongst which include; being able to reach potential and new customers, to get closer and more interactive with you, our existing customers, to improve our SEO rankings and visibility within the search engines and finally, to offer you an additional service with feature rich articles, tips and tricks on how Amasci and the internet can help your business grow.

We will be aiming to accomplish the last point through dedicated articles within the subjects of Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Hosting and everything internet related…!

As well as this we will be using our blog to improve our news, updates and notices; keeping you more up to date than before, and hopefully show-casing our latest work and projects on a more frequent basis.

Your feedback is important!

If you are already familiar with blogs then you will be aware that you have the ability to comment and leave feedback and questions within each blog article. If you’re not then now is a great time to get more acquainted. So, we would really appreciate any comments, feedback or questions you might have for us and urge you to blog on and get posting. You will find the comments form within each full article. You can access this by clicking the ‘Read Full Article’ link under each entry.

Keeping Up to date

We appreciate that you are busy and can’t spend endless amounts of time checking to see if there are new blog posts and articles. So why not signup to our RSS blog feeds and get notified whenever a new post or comment is added. You will find the RSS feed links in the top right of the page within the Amasci Creative Blog. Well, we look forward to reading your comments, feedback, questions and suggestions online.

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