Amasci Launch Ai Sitemaps

Ai Sitemaps

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest solution called Ai Sitemaps. Ai Sitemaps is available in a range of different packages and solutions as you will see later in this article.

So what is Ai Sitemaps?

Well, our Ai Sitemaps packages gives you a guaranteed up to date XML sitemap that will be retained within your website directory. We will also inform the search engines of where the file lives and how to find it for maximum speed and exposure. For more advanced packages we also submit the sitemap to the major search engines to ensure an even quicker safeguarded process.

A sitemap encourages search engine spiders to crawl your site and to rank it in the search engines. An XML sitemap makes it possible for a website to get listed and get updated quickly and effectively by a search engine.

Setting up our XML sitemap means that not only will you get a better presence within the search engines, but it also drastically increases the time to inform search engines of any updates or additions of the web pages within your site.

So why is a sitemap important?

Sitemaps are key to visibility!

A website that is completely indexed has better chances of getting top search engine placement in the Google (and other search engines) organic page results. Google Sitemaps enables us to directly alert Google to changes and additions on your website.

Search Engine Logos

If you own a website then XML Sitemaps are something you can’t afford to ignore.

So what packages are available?

We have created several different packages to try and suit all customers’ needs and budgets. Please find the details for each package on our Ai Sitemaps packages page.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply call our office on 01908 668 665 or email us at

If you have any more questions about our Ai Sitemaps solution, we’ll be happy to answer them.

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