Amasci Mobile Webite Launched!

Amasci Creative Mobile Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our mobile specific website. Browsing the internet on mobile phones and hand held devises is becoming increasingly popular, so what better way to promote your company than with a mobile specific website. Because the technologies, speed of loading and screen sizes are so much smaller on a phone it is pretty much guaranteed that your current website will not render correctly on a hand held devise.

By having a mobile specific site you will be reaching out to millions more customers. Because mobile sites are still a relatively new technology you could gain an advantage over your other competitors by taking advantage of this trend.

Some simple device detection scripting will enable the user to be able to visit your domain name as per normal, but they will be redirected to the mobile site or the normal site, depending on the devise they are using. This ensures you are directing all your users to the correct site, based on their requirements.

If you want to know more about mobile websites please contact us today.

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