Apple Release OS4.0 for iPhone

Apple Release iPhone OS4.0

Yesterday Apple released the iPhone OS 4.0 operating system. We have already upgraded our iPhones and can thoroughly recommend that you upgrade yours too. With tons of new features, even more sophisticated and polished navigation and interaction we can safely say we are impressed.

The OS 4.0 comes with a host of major updates which include:

  • Multitasking the ability to run multiple applications together.
  • Fast App switching quickly and seamlessly jump between loaded apps.
  • Local notifications receivenotification when something important happens in an app.
  • App folders create folders to neatly store and group your apps. Increasing app capacity to over 2,000.
  • A New Mail App Unified inboxes, multiple Exchange accounts, fast inbox switching and threaded messages.
  • Custom backgrounds apply custom backgrounds to both your homes creen and you lock screen.
  • 5x digital zoom for the camera. Previously zoom wasn’t possible without a third party app.
  • Create playlists ability to now create and edit playlists on the iPhone.
  • Tons more features….

If you want to know more about any of the major features above please checkout these great websites -

If you want to know about all the hidden features then gizmodo have put together a great article on this here

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