Blue Cherry Telecom Limited Website

Blue Cherry Telecoms Website

We had previously worked with Bluecherry Telecom Limited through their Boxx Comms brand and company, and after the success of this website and an excellent working relationship, we were given the opportunity to redesign and develop their Bluecherry Telecom Limited website.

Their old site had run its course and was starting to look fairly dated as well as using some terrible stock imagery. So we came on board with a fresh approach and looked at a full overhaul of the site.

The intention was to initially deliver two core landing pages for the website, one for new customers and one for existing customers. Both naturally delivered tailored content based on the audience.  A cookie is used to store the users preference and so will deliver the correct homepage next time they visit the website.

The design was a modern, clean, open and simplistic design that focused on content and delivery of the information. We used some web fonts to make the appearance softer and more tailored. The site as with all our websites is built to modern standards in HTML5 and CSS3. We preserved any existing ranking and traffic with 301 redirects via a HTAcess file.

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