Cascading Style Sheets -the way to really make your website stand out

Cascading Style Sheets, often abbreviated to CSS, can turn an average website into an amazing one in the right hands. It gives the designer the ability to create unique, visually stunning websites that can be easily updated with a new style sheet, rather than having to rewrite the whole page. Websites designed with CSS are also easily indexed by Google, helping to ensure you appear high in the search engine rankings – a website that is difficult for Google’s spiders to read will naturally appear lower than an easily read one. CSS also makes it relatively straightforward to keep within the website accessibility guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Why is it so important that your website stands out? When a new visitor, a potential customer, arrives on your website, whether they’ve found it through a search engine or have found your address elsewhere and typed it in, you have seconds to make an impression. If your bounce rate is particularly high and your conversion rate low, then the chances are your website isn’t giving visitors a favourable impression. Before they even start reading, your website’s design is impacting on your visitors, and it needs to instantly grab them and make them want to stay. In order to achieve this, it is important to know who your customers are – if they’re young and funky, then that’s what your website should be, but if they’re straight-to-business and practical types, your website would need to be more to the point.

Amasci’s designers are experienced in CSS and use it for all the sites they design. Each website they create is bespoke and designed specifically to meet your business needs, and attract customers. CSS is an important part of how they achieve this.

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