Cold Harbour School Website

Cold Harbour School Website

Cold Harbour School approached Amasci Creative Limited to create them an informative, easily accessible, fun, child and parent friendly website.

The design was created around the themes within the school and the new branding that the school had recently had created. The class themes are bird related and so we brought this concept through into the design and incorporated the logo and branding into the website header.

The header was initially aimed to offer maximum  impact but also give a happy, child-like appearance that both adults and children would find appealing whilst not distracting too much front the content.

The design offers a very 2010 fashionable header with the large deep header filled with vector based graphics and illustrations. Something all parties felt worked really well for the website.

Cold Harbour School Website

The website was initially aimed to give parents information and help provide a regular platform where they could access the latest information, newsletters, useful links and important announcements. This would ensure that parents where well updated and provided a good platform for local PR and support.

The website also offers the ability for parents to submit absence form to inform the school that their child will not be attending school. This has proved to be an extremely popular feature and helps the office staff deal effectively and efficiently with absentees.

Cold Harbour School Website

Cold Harbour School also tok out a maintenance package with Amasci Creative to ensure weekly updates and additions of newsletters, adhoc updates to links, immediate important announcements and club notices. This ensures that the site is well maintained and keeps parents fully up to date with all the latest information.

The website has been very well received by the parents, staff and children and we have received many lovely comments.

You can view the website here at

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