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Geomatrix are the leading company for sourcing the sales and rentals of Geophysical Equipment. Based in Leighton Buzzard, Geomatrix offer a range of products for sale and rent, as well information and tutorials on leading software, various Geophysical tools and information.

Geomatrix were referred to us by our partner company WS Advertising, as we are the sole supplier for WS Advertising website projects we were introduced and the project progressed from here.

We came into the project to initially to assess and advise on a direction forward. Our assessment was based on the content and structure of the old existing website and we put together a concept and brief to move the project forward and get the best out of the old information.


The old website had previously been managed in-house and it showed. The website was lacking in design, appeal and ease of use. It also had many inconsistencies throughout. It was our intention and proposal to still utilise the core information and content, therefore keeping the website static, but to invest in a complete overhaul of design, website structure, appearance and navigational ease.

We worked closely with Geomatrix to establish a much more logical website structure, considering how users would potentially navigate the website rather than how it had been previously considered from an internal perspective. We suggested to breakdown and categorise all the main sections, therefore allowing users to navigate through initially product sales types (use, rental, new) and then product categories (Borehole Logging, Electric Resisitivty, Electromagentic, etc). This therefore produced a much more logical and tidy navigation which was consistent throughout the whole website and also allows for easy future expansion of pages and content.

We took the old Geomtraix website and with Geomatrix support gave it a good tidy and cleanup removing any un-required, old or out of date content and information and then formulated a new complete website structure. We then worked from this to obtain the old content and reform this content to work within the new design we created and to ensure it was up to WS3C standards for accessibility and in accordance with XHTML doctype guidelines. The whole site is built in XHTML using PHP and CSS.


Finally, we also helped to add new content within the tools section and created a Thickbox YouTube video embed page. This then allows Geomatrix to create new video content within YouTube and we can then easily add these to the video page which allows the videos to load in a ThickBox over the website rather this is much better than linking to YouTube and taking the user out of the site.

We also created and supported Geomatrix in the addition of FTP client access folders where Geomatrix can upload specific content for clients which would be otherwise too big to email.

You can view the website here at

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