How can effective SEO increase business sales?

So you understand that Search Engine Optimisation gets websites visible on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, but why should you care? Does it really matter where you appear in the search engines?

Web marketing is a relatively new form of marketing so many people aren’t quite sure how effective it can be. If we compare it to newspaper advertising, appearing on the first page of Google is the equivalent of having a full page advert on the cover of the newspaper, while only appearing on page 34 of Google’s listings, is the equivalent of having a one line advert on the bottom of a page half way through the paper…no one will ever notice it!!

In fact, in many ways appearing on the first page of Google’s search results page is better than a full page advert in a newspaper, or a TV advert, or even a billboard. Why? It’s targeted. People only see your listing if they are searching for something related to your products or services. So the chances are they are already in the market to buy. By optimising your site you are working to make sure that your website only appears when people are searching for relevant terms. You don’t really want people clicking through to your site when they’ve searched for beach balls…unless you actually sell them!

Effective SEO doesn’t just ensure your website is visible to the search engines, it ensures that it is visitor-friendly too. Once someone has clicked through to your website, you want them to stay there and browse through the site, until they decide to buy or request more information from you. A good SEO company will analyse your website to ensure it is well laid out, and drives visitors to convert.

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