How they affect SEO? Meta Data, Page Titles

Meta Data and Page Titles - How they effect SEO?

Meta information in relation to your search engine optimisation will no longer produce the same effect as to past search engine rankings. However, writing a positive Meta title and description to describe your company will produce more trust in viewers, potentially building extra traffic. Providing a bad Meta title and description could lead customers to use competitors within the same industry.


One of the most important aspects within Search Engine Optimisation and the biggest mistake that website owners and SEO companies make is to select the wrong keyword landscape for their website, damaging their overall results. Providing keyword research will help you get the best results and get the highest volume of traffic into your site.

We offer various keyword research packages and would be happy to speak to you and your company should you require assistance on this important SEO aspect.

Page Titles, the ‘title’ tag

The Page Title is a very important aspect of on page SEO and is another area which should be targeted to improve the overall optimisation of your website.

It is essential that every page in your site should have a unique title. Usually the title will contain the site/company name and a short description of the page. The title should be no longer than 60 letters in total. Include a keyword. Remember that the page title is what appears in search results, it should give users a clear reason to click on it.

Another tip is that your navigation links should also have title attributes that match the titles of your pages. This looks like . It’s a small thing, but it will give you a significant SEO improvement.

We can help your website!

We are highly specialised in producing the best results for search engine rankings. These are just a few aspects which will help you provide better results for your online website. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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