Hypnotherapy Website, Branding and Business Cards

Hypnotherapy For Your Health Website

Hypnotherapy For Your Health is a new venture by some Northampton based Therapists. They contacted Amasci Creative Limited to get a fully design new business package. This obviously was bespoke for their requirements. We designed and created a full corporate identity, website and printed business cards.

Initially we established the branding and logo design and this was aimed to be fresh, clean, natural and calming. We looked at these phrases and quickly established the floral theme and colours which we then carried through into the website design and business cards.

Once the initial corporate identity had been established and agree we developed the website and business cards. The two members of Hypnotherapy For Your Health both required business cards but where looking at ways to reduce their initial outlay. So we suggested that they shared a business card which they where more than happy to do. With this idea being well received, we moved onto the actual design phase.

Because the cards would be shared and offer two sets of details, we had to make it obvious and clear, not only to the individuals recieving the cards but also for the parties handing them out. So we decided two different coloured themes would be used to easily destiguish the two different sides of the cards. We design a Blue and Pink theme for Sue and a Green and Orange theme for Nick.

Hypnotherapy For Your Health Business Cards

Finally, we moved on to the website design and creation. We carried through the initial established branding and colour themes from the corporate identity and business cards designs. This formed the basis for the design, with some images purchased from iStock Photo the design came to life and it was a case of adding in some nice design features such as the contact bubble and random testimonials found on the homepage.

Everything was well received by the client and they are extremely happy with the final outcome.

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