iStock Photo on your iPhone

iStock Photo iPhone App

We can report that iStock Photo have just released an iPhone application to view their extensive catalogue of images, illustrations, audio clips and videos.

iStock slogans, "Because you never know when inspiration will strike, we want to put our entire library of photos, illustrations and audio clips in your pocket. We’re proud to introduce the free iStock App for your iPhone." will offer a new dimension for users wishing to view and browse imagery for their publication needs.

The official iStock Photo iPhone app lets you search, save and share images and audio. View and edit your existing lightboxes or create new ones — the app integrates seamlessly with your iStockphoto account, making it easy to organise images and audio so you can purchase them the next time you visit the website. The app also allows files to be emailed to clients and colleagues for discussion and evaluation.

We think that this is an excellent idea and thought we would share this with our clients so that they have the ability to download and utilise the iStock Photo app.

We are also hoping to setup our very own iStock Photo account to offer photos and graphics for purchase through iStock Photo in the near future. Once this is established and we have a decent catalogue established we will let you know.

To see the iStock app in action please click here

Further details of the app and download links can be found here

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