Jacqueline Dennaford Website and Branding

Jacqueline Dennaford Website

Jacqueline Dennaford, a trained therapeutic professional was referred to Amasci Creative Limited through one of our existing clients, Pink Echidna Productions. Jacqueline was in desperate need of a new website, something aimed to bring her image in line with her professional approach and a design that contained aspects of her own personality within.

The old website which had been built using a free online system was badly formatted, looked old, cheap and amateurish and was proving to have a negative impact on users and also her place within the marketplace.

So it was up to Amasci Creative to develop a new brand and website for Jacqueline Dennaford, something that represented her personality but also proved to be fresh, modern, professional, clean, therapeutic and relaxing. The website design perfectly captures all of these requirements and offers users a very easy to read simple website that serves its purpose very well.

Jacqueline Dennaford Website


As part of the process we created vector based graphics for the header and the logo which ensures that Jacqueline will be able to use and replicate her branding throughout her literature and promotional items.

SEO Preservation

As the old site also had been online for quite a while it had gained some search engine ranking and exposure so we didn’t want to lose what was already established. To ensure of this we created a HTAccess file with 301 redirects on all the old URLS which had been running and pointed these to the new pages. This ensures that the approved practice of informing the search engines of relocated content was adhered too and therefore no lose of ranking would take place.

Client Response

The response from both the client and her clients has been exceptional and we are extremely pleased with the overall out come. The website is only a small 6 page site but the page content is well laid out and serviced ensuring that the website serves its purpose and seems to offer a whole lot more.

You can view the website here at http://www.jacquelinedennaford.co.uk

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