Lonsdale Painting and Decorating Website and Branding

Lonsdale Painting and Decorating Website

Lonsdale Painters and Decorators contacted Amasci Creative Limited after a recommendation from one of our existing clients. We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the project and that we have launched a brand new website for Lonsdale. As part of this project we also developed and created the company branding and logo design as well as Business Lite Hosting, POP3 email accounts and a design, creation and installation of complete HTML email signature.

The website is a small brochure site that promotes the company, showcases some of their work and customer feedback and offers a overview of the services and clients that Lonsdale contract for.

Lonsdale Painting and Decorating Website

Lonsdale Painting and Decorating are based in Luton Bedfordshire and offer a quality painting and decorating service to both domestic and commercial customers. With over 20 years of experience all of their work is carried out by their team of experienced painters and decorators.

The website showcases some of Lonsdale projects through a randomised rotating JQuery banner. This is consistent on every page and highlights many of the quality painting and decorating that Lonsdale offers their customers. Within the homepage we also feature a set of customer testimonials again these are automatically generated on a random basis each time the homepage is loaded. We have created this functionality through PHP and all the website pages are built using PHP to keep maintenance and updating much easier and quicker, resulting in an overall better and more cost effective service for the customer.

Some other features of the website include a quick enquiry form on each page, well designed and position contact details and flexibility within the design for easy expansion of pages in the future. Finally all the URLS within the website are Search Engine Friendly URLS and these are generated through a well coded .htacess file.

Lonsdale Email Signature

As well as creating a new brand identity and logo design for Lonsdale Painting & Decorating, we also designed, created and installed a complete HTML email signature which can be seen above.

Overall the site has been a great success and well received by the client.

The website can be seen in full here - http://www.lonsdalepainting.co.uk/" target="_blank">http://www.lonsdalepainting.co.uk

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