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Plowman Craven website redesign

Plowman Craven is the leading geomatics company in Europe. Plowman Craven are also one of our longest running clients whom we have a superb relationship. This is the third redesign and development the Plowman Craven website has undergone and each time we have excelled in delivering the perfect site at the requirements of the company.

This latest version of the website promotes and offers emphasis from both a market and service perspective. The site has been drastically reduced from the previous versions in terms of written copy and is now much more heavily media rich, utilising videos, case studies and flash on each market and service page.

Plowman Craven website redesign

As we also opted to host this version of the website and the whole internal website structure had been changed it was necessary to preserve Plowman Cravens good search engine status and so we implemented a set of mod_rewrite rules and 301 redirects to achieve this.

The website is designed to offer absolute maximum impact and fill all of the browser in the intention to encompass and involve the user as much as possible. This is achieved through a web 2.0 design and features of user interactivity through the use of jQuery scripts, flash videos, downloads and animated flash movies.

As mentioned earlier the website has taken less emphasis on written content and focuses on multimedia elements. Each market page gives the users the ability to view and stream various company videos and examples, download or open PDF case studies and also showcases Plowman Craven clients specific within each market sector.

To also give the user the ease of navigation and to aid them find their requirements as quickly and easily as possible, each market page also has a series of related service links.

Plowman Craven website redesign

Videos are loaded within the page through jQuery plug-ins, so there is no need to jump back and forth from the page, which ultimately gives the user the most seamless of navigation and viewing experience.

Finally, we also setup the website with Google Analytics allowing Plowman Craven to personally access and manage their website statistics and data, to gain a much better level of knowledge and interaction with their site. This will help them to improve the website and get a better understanding of positive and weak areas of the site, as well as understanding their customer interaction better.

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