Scott White and Hookins Website (redesign)

Scott White and Hookins Website Update

We have just undertaken the redesign of the Scott White and Hookins website. The project which took place and was completed in January 2011 was done to bring their existing website inline with their new ‘cleaner’ branding. Although a lot of the existing site remains unchanged from a functionality and content point of view there were several changes that took place throughout the website.

The new branding featured a much cleaner ‘whiter’ approach and this already existing and had been implemented within their internal marketing collateral and so this had to be moved and replicated through into the website too. The main functionality/content changes were based around presentation and layout and so the website witnessed the following updates:

  • The latest twitter feed on the homepage
  • Revision to the whole website layout and presentation
  • New social media icons designs based on newsletter
  • Introduction of new style of banner images throughout all content pages
  • Introduction of jQuery rotating banner on the homepage
  • Repositioning of homepage content
  • Design updates to header and footer
  • Introduction of right side content in place of left side content and consistency of service icons list.
  • Major updates to news, spotlight, contact, markets(overview) pages
  • New and improved Vacancies section
  • Addition of extra content and pages throughout
  • Removal of latest clients flash banners throughout
  • Introduction of single ‘our clients’ page
  • Twitter links for each director and key staff member
  • Many more updates throughout….

The new website can be seen here -

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