War Games Empire eCommerce Site Launched

War Games Empire eCommerce website

Here at Amasci Creative Limited, website design agency based in Milton Keynes we have just designed and launched a brand new eCommerce website and backend management system for War Games Empire.

War Games Empire previously had a self run and managed 1&1 e-commerce system which consisted of an off the shelf very plain, dull basic template site. They contact Amasci after a referral, and wanted to have a complete professional make over bringing their site into the mainstream. The main focus on the redesign of the website and redevelopment of the eCommerce system was to make the design much more appealing to the end user. Give a more professional feel and approach to the website, whilst also giving the user a better all round experience; with improved functionality, better eCommerce features and overall simplicity of use. All of which we naturally achieved for the client.

The other aspect was the transferring of the eCommerce facility into our own ambrowCart eCommerce facility. Naturally the transfer was important to get correct and ensure that all the added features required by War Games Empire could or would be considered at catered for. Again We achieved this with exceptional results giving War Games Empire a much easier and slicker backend management facility for their eCommerce system.

War Games Empire eCommerce website

The site offers all the stand eCommerce features which can be found on our ambrowCart eCommerce pageas well as offering more advanced features such as related products facility, Ai eShots integration for orders (adding users into a database for newsletter subscribers at their request), Google Products data feed to Google (listing their products within the Google products shopping environment), advanced discount code facility and an advanced stock level facility.

War Games Empire also opted to take out our Ai eShots package which perfectly accompanies an eCommerce facility. This package is content managed allowing War Games Empire to manually setup and create email marketing campaigns and newsletters to keep all their customers up to date with the latest releases, discounts, special offers and news/announcements. You can read more about our Ai eShots, email marketing, Milton Keynes package here.

War Games Empire eCommerce website

Finally, as well as the above information we setup the website with Google Analytics allowing War Games Empire to personally access and manage their website statistics and data to get a much better level of knowledge and interaction with their site, helping them to constantly improve the website and get a better understanding of positive and weak areas of the site as well as understanding their customer interaction better.

Overall we are very pleased with the project outcome and we know that War Games Empire are delighted too, see what they have to say:

Amasci Creative Limited were recommended to us by a friend. We needed to re-launch our dull outdated website and we are so glad we got in touch with them. Every step of the way the Amasci team communicated constantly to make sure the finished result is as it should be. They even got the design perfect at the first time of asking. I would have no problems in recommending Amasci to anyone wanting a new, fresh and dynamic web design. We are delighted with the outcome, great job!

Garath Fox, Partner

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