Victorian Mosaic Limited Website

We have just launched a brand new single page website for Victorian Mosaic Limited. The website has been created around their branding and hosts as an initial presence online. The…read article

WordPress Permalinks

So after setting up the Amasci Creative blog which is driven through WordPress, we decided to setup the Permalinks facility. The Permalinks facility for anyone who isn’t aware, is the…read article

Amasci Creative Launch Blog!

Well, we are pleased to announce the release of the Amasci Creative Blog. We have launched our blog for several reasons, amongst which include; being able to reach potential and…read article

Lyco LESS Landing Page

We have just launched a brand new landing page for Lyco Direct Limited. This landing page is part of a series of landing page campaigns we will be creating for…read article

Amasci Mobile Webite Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our mobile specific website. Browsing the internet on mobile phones and hand held devises is becoming increasingly popular, so what better way…read article